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Virtual Field Trip Ideas for Classrooms

Field trips are considered an integral aspect of the teaching process. They reinforce most of the theoretical and some of the practical things students have learned in a real-life situation. Field trips are also fun activities for the students, helping them to relieve some of the stress of classroom learning.

The importance of field trips has not diminished at all, even as most classes have moved online. Even if you are teaching remotely, you can still take our students for field trips without risking the health and wellbeing of anyone or breaking any rules. Virtual field trips are almost as great as the real thing, and these are some ideas to make them perfect.

Explore the Red Planet

Thanks to technological advances and the collaborative efforts of some of the biggest tech and science organizations, it is easier and far more affordable to tour planetary bodies. It is also risk-free and rewarding. You can explore Mars (the Red Planet) with your students. NASA scientists created the 3D model, and with the support of Access Mars and Google, you are your students can explore with a VR device, computer, or even a smartphone.

Go for an Ocean Dive

Thanks to the webcams at Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, you and your students can dive deep to explore some of the most spectacular underwater creatures in their natural habitat. There is lots of fun and learning here.

Take a Tour of Aviation History

It is now possible to visit the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC from the comfort of your home. All your students can join from their respective homes as you tour the facility that houses the most spectacular aviation history of the world.

Try a Finish Forest Adventure

Do you fancy touring a foreign forest with your students? It is now possible, affordable, and very safe. UPM, a Finish forest industry company, has a virtual field trip available to students worldwide. The experience promises to be awesome.

Visit the Zoo Like Never Before

Visiting the zoo has never been any better. The San Diego Zoo is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and its 12 live cams will let your students experience a zoo like never before. You can all watch the animals unnoticed as they carry out their day-to-day routines without distractions.

You can have a fulfilling field trip with your students this year. The virtual field trips here don’t need extensive planning, but the benefits will be huge.