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Why Public Displays of Affection in School are Risky

The school system has continued to evolve year after year. While the changes in curricular and extracurricular activities are the ones people talk about the most, rule changes are even more important when it comes to the kind of citizens the school system will produce. One of the most significant issues that educators have been having in recent time is how to handle public displays of affections (PDA) between students. 

What Does Public Displays of Affection Include?

Public displays of affection include physical contact such as intimate touching, cuddling, kissing, and other similar actions. In the school system, PDA is a concern for educators when these displays are performed on school premises or school-sponsored activities between two students, most likely in a relationship. 

Monitoring How PDA Happens

Where there may be nothing wrong with showing someone how much they mean to you, there is need for educators to monitor just how this happen between their students in school. While PDA can be harmless in most instances, it can have repercussions in the long run.

PDA and Distractions in School

One of the basic issue of PDA between students in school is that it amounts to a distraction for the students as well as those observing them. Such distractions are not healthy for the academic lives of students, especially when seeking to provide students with optimal educational experiences. 

PDA is Inappropriate for Minors

There may also be concerns around the idea of consent considering those involved are likely to be minors. Even in rare instances where the students involved are of age, the fact that the majority of students witnessing them are minors may lead to issues, especially when the younger students aren’t well-informed about topics such as relationships and sexual education. 

There you have it! Above are some reasons why it is important for educators to monitor Public Displays of Affection between students in school. While it is not wrong for individuals to express how they feel, it is not ideal for students to engage in public display of affection in school and during school activities. 

Educators should always be vigilant and monitor students’ interactions. While interactions between students shouldn’t be totally discouraged, it is essential that PDA is monitored to protect all students in school as well as during school activities.