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by Rich Wootten

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What give you the competitive advantage in this tight market?

We all know that the economy of the UK is difficult at the moment.

It’s important that we maintain our current clients but equally there is a need to ensure that enough time is dedicated to business development.

Business development can take many forms networking, promotion at events and marketing materials etc. One big problem is so how do you demonstrate that you are delivering high quality learning and development to someone who doesn’t know your organisation and doesn’t come recommended.

Here at the British Institute for Learning and Development we have an answer The BILD Quality Mark.

The BILD Quality Mark allows holders to demonstrate that they have achieved the 12 quality criteria as set out by the BILD. The BILD Quality Mark shows that you can deliver training to standard that and that you have been assessed by one of our BILD accredited assessors.

BILD membership already shows that organisations take learning and development seriously and adhere to our code of conduct but holding the BILD Quality Mark sets you apart from the crowd.

To find out more click HERE and to join this list of organisations who are already benefiting from the BILD quality mark HERE

David Apparico

BILD Chairman

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by Chairman

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The beginning of December marks a special time for the BILD … the time when we take a number of our members to Online Educa in Berlin to exhibit at one of the largest conference and exhibitions focussing on all matters relating to e-learning in both the educational and corporate….

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by Chairman

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This month there is so much to talk about, where do I start?

The Annual Conference went off with a Bang, as Nigel Risner started by challenging us to do things differently. One thing that he said that I took away from was to be 100% responsible for everything; if we took 100% responsibility things would look very differently. Next up was Andy Gilbert from Go Mad Thinking who tied us all up in knots with a demonstration to challenge our thinking skills.

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