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We are the professional body for the learing and development industry. Our members benefit from us representing them, and demonstrating that they adhere to our code of conduct by displaying our logo.
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The British Institute for Learning & Development to recognise TAP qualifications for professional membership.

The British Institute for Learning & Development (The BILD) announces a formal partnership agreement with The Training Foundation, owner of the Training Accreditation Programme (TAP®). The parties will collaborate on a range of initiatives aimed at enhancing the professional skills and status of L&D practitioners on a global basis.

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Is your L&D relevant to the Business?

Whether you are an L&D provider or part of a Learning and Development department, making sure the L&D is aligned with the business goals is important.

Perhaps as an L&D department understanding the business goals might be a little easier, as an L&D provider you’ve got to work a little harder.

As an L&D department it’s easy to just book the cheapest or most local training provider, but if they don’t ask the right questions the training might not be aligned to the business aims. And again as an L&D provider it easy to just give the client what they asked for, but you have to hold your integrity, you have to ensure that the training you are providing is relevant to the over all aims and goals of the business.

Asking the right questions is the key not only to ensuring that the business and the training are in tune but to building better, longer, more fruitful business relationships.

Our next CPD event in Cardiff looks at this topic in a lot of detail and by attending you’ll have a much better understanding of how and why aligning the training and the business is the right thing to do.

You find out more HERE

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The un-Happy Sheet? 

At the British Institute for Learning and Development our aim is to promote L&D in the UK and to promote professionalism.

The happy sheet has long be heralded at the end of a day’s training as the most important feedback tool, it is equally derided as a waste of time.

At the BILD we believe that feedback is important, but what goes on the feedback form is more important, we believe you are wasting valuable space if your are asking about the venue and sandwiches, the focus should be on the learning, and if it is elearning how is it captured?

What good Learning and Development Professionals and Trainers want is for the learner to really understand what they have learned in the session and to make changes with that new knowledge. 

Some organisations that have gone through the BILD Quality Mark have shared some really good examples; such as getting each learner to write down their learning actions, seal them in an envelope and they are then posted to them 4-6 weeks later; another good example is the learner has to book a follow up session over the phone to talk about what changes they have made and how successful that has been.

Both of those examples deliver far more than stating that the room was cold or the sandwiches were soggy. I think you’ll agree…

If you have further great examples please share them with us i
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Due to the success of the Trial Membership scheme that was launched in earlier in the year the British Institute for Learning and Development have relaunched it.

We will now offer a *FREE* summer  trial membership for anyone who wants to find out more about the institute and experience the benefits for the institute before committing to an annual membership. You get the full benefits of membership until 6th September in order for you to be able to attend our next CPD event in Cardiff.

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You’re at the top of your career, you’ve done many years in industry, you’ve done a train the trainer course, you’ve even done an L&D qualification, you enjoy training and done it for years…

But your line manager says at your appraisal ” You’ve done well but not kept up to date on your own training” or “You need to do a training course of some description”.

But what will another training course actually give you? There is no criticism of your work…


Does this sound familiar? What would another training course really give you?

What you could be doing is noting your Continuing Professional Development and producing a portfolio, in this you could list books that you’ve read, articles that you’ve read, CPD events that you’ve been on, conferences that you’ve been to as well as any courses! Don’t forget your social learning too… and if anyone has a great way of recording that please get in touch! 

At the British Institute for Learning and Development we (as the L&D’s professional body) have a strap line Be Excellent: Be Recognised. We keep our members up to date with our month newsletter with the news and latest updates from around the industry, we also hold 6 CPD events per year (Free to our Members) and 6 follow-up webinars, next year we’ll be introducing a Members sharing webinar for members to be able to take the platform. 

We have all the solutions to ensure that your line manager can see that you are keeping up to date with your own CPD and that you take your profession seriously.



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When asking children what they might want to be when the leave education, you’d have to ask a lot of children before one of them answer’s “A Learning and Development Professional”. You might get “Trainer” from one or two but the closest you are likely to get is Teacher.

Is this indicative of our industry? Does it reflect the identy problems the L&D professionals have?

Partly it might be due to the fact that many L&D professionals are first industry experts then fall into training.

Our problem in the industry as a whole is two fold:

  • Firstly how to make sure that becoming an L&D professional is a worthwhile and rewarding, professional career
  • Secondly how do we get the multiples of industry experts “who do a bit of training” to understand and recognise that they are in fact L&D professionals.

There isn’t enough time or space here to discuss all the options but the BILD will host a summit style discussion over the summer if there seems to be enough of a ground swell of opinion that this is worth investing in. Get it contact if you are interested in attending that sort of debate.

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Ever worried about doing business overseas, and worry about how to get paid?

This Webinar is for you.

The UKTI has put together a great programme to help you reduce your risks of doing business overseas. To register for this Webinar click HERE

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Open Study College – Awarded The British Institute for Learning and Development’s Quality Mark.

The BILD are pleased to annouce that Open Study College – – Have been awarded the institute’s presitgious Quality Mark.


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World of Learning Conference & Exhibition

1 & 2 October 2013, NEC, Birmingham

The World of Learning Conference & Exhibition is the annual meeting place for all HR and learning and development professionals to discuss the hottest topics affecting the industry and see the latest products and services that the industry has to offer.

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