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TAP News

Awarding Body for The Training Foundation

On the 1st October 2013 The British Institute for Learning & Development became the awarding body for the Training Foundation’s TAP Qualification.

As part of this agreement we are offering new members that are TAP qualified to Join The BILD for a 25% discount – for the lifetime of your membership.

If you hold a TAP Certificate you can qualify for our Associate level membership (ABILD)

Enabling Quality Assured Learning and Development

Enabling Quality Assured Learning and Development

The Training Foundation providesTAP® (the ) which is a skills-based, modular approach to the development of L&D professionals; Subject Matter Expert trainers and L&DF Administrators, comprising over 23 certificates and 5 diplomas.

TheTAP®Qualifications Framework is a unique and comprehensive suite of assessable certificates from training delivery, facilitation, design, eLearning, blended, L&D consultancy, L&D management skills to Learning Transfer.

Expanded Recognition of TAP

The British Institute for Learning & Development (The BILD) announces an expanded, long-term agreement with The Training Foundation, operator of the Training Accreditation Programme (TAP™). TAP™ is The BILD’s recommended Qualifications and Continuing Professional Development Programme for L&D professionals.

Under an extended multi-year Agreement, The BILD is the external verification and awarding body for all TAP Certificates and Diplomas. Holding a TAP professional Certificate now qualifies applicants for Associate Membership of the Institute and holding one of the role-based TAP Diplomas qualifies applicants for full Membership.

The parties will continue to pursue the key objective of raising the status of L&D practitioners to that of genuine professionals, by meeting the highest standards of practice enabled by TAP methodologies.