The BILD Code of Conduct

The BILD Code of Conduct

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The British Institute for Learning and Development ® has two Codes of Conduct; one for Organisational Members and one for Individual Members.

The Code of Conduct indicates the standards of professionalism expected of a member of the British Institute for Learning and Development. It sets out, in general terms, the standards and duties, which it is reasonable to expect a member to adopt.

The adoption of this Code is an integral part of membership and provides the basis through which the Institute promotes the status of its members and their commitment to quality and good practice.

It is also part of a process by which the BILD seeks to encourage its members to adopt a more formal approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement with the overall aim that members seek on-site verification of their learning services and the achievement of the Institute’s Quality Mark.

Please see the ‘Download attachments’ section at the bottom of the page to download a copy of the relevant code.

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