The BILD Quality Mark

The BILD Quality Mark

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The British Institute for Learning and Development’s Quality Mark.

Are you a Learning and Development provider? If so:
How do you differentiate yourself in a tight market?
With so many companies chasing the same business, what makes you stand out?
Are you part of a Learning and Development department? If so:
How do you demonstrate that you deliver training in line with the business need?
Can you show that your Learning and Development is second to none?

What is the Quality Mark?

Demonstrating Quality is often difficult to prove to someone or an organisation that doesn’t know you. This is why we launched The British Institute for Learning and Development (The BILD) Quality Mark.
The BILD has developed 12 criteria that we believe all good Learning and Development professionals should be able to achieve. The 12 criteria are designed in order that it is applicable to both Learning and Development providers and Learning and Development departments.
The BILD Quality Mark is a peer review of your Learning & Development once you’ve been granted the Quality Mark you’ll be able to display the Quality Mark Logo on your website, leaflets and other printed materials.

The Process

We’ve kept the process simple: you complete a self-assessment, send it to the BILD and we’ll consult with you until such time as you are ready for a formal assessment.
At that point we’ll arrange a site visit to complete your assessment, which is a conversational assessment.

The Cost

In order to gain the Quality Mark you must be a member of the BILD.
Once that is complete we can process your Quality Mark assessment, the cost of which is listed below:

Size of BILD Member

Cost OF BILD QM Assessment

Site Assessment
(Per half day)

Annual Review
(Without site visit)

Larger Organisations
(over 50 employees)




(less the 50 employees)




BILD Individual Members


No Site Visit










There are many notable benefits of attaining The BILD QM:

  • The BILD Quality Mark Logo – You are afforded the right to use The British Institute for Learning and Development Quality Mark Logo on your literature, website and associated promotional materials.
  • Competitive advantage – When engaging in tender submissions and commercial bids, The BILD QM helps to differentiate your organisation from your competitors who do not possess a quality assurance award.
  • Gaining New and Retaining Existing Customers/Clients – Your organisation can demonstrate to current and prospective clients/customers your commitment to quality.
  • Independent Assurance of Quality – The BILD recognises and endorses your company’s ability and capability to deliver training, learning, development, education, products and services to a high standard, and to your adherence to continuous improvement.
  • The BILD Register of Quality Mark holders – Your organisation is placed upon the BILD register of Quality Mark holders. This register is promoted via the BILD website and at promotional events.
  • The BILD News Letter – New Quality Mark holders are featured as part of a regular update in our publications and joint publications and in our mail/email updates, and regularlly feature in our social media.
  • The BILD Conference and Event Discounts – BILD QM holders are entitled to a discount on fees for both The BILD Annual Conference and overseas exhibitions/events held in conjunction with UKTI.
  • Recruitment and Retention –Your organisation can demonstrate to current and prospective employees the high standard of work achieved, enabling you to attract and retain talented people.

To Receive a copy of the criteria checklist, please contact
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or call The BILD Business Manager (0117 985 6949)

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