4 Books about the Civil Right Movement to Discuss in High School

The Civil rights movement is a force used to educate young minds of the struggle to make governance and living much better for citizens of the world. It teaches young students the importance of demanding the rights of individuals who have worked and served their country. 

The 50s and the 60s were periods of massive change for the United States of America. There were changes to several standards of living and other rights, which included the end of slavery and many others. Let’s look at great books that you can recommend for young minds in high school that put the civil Rights movement in great light.¬†

Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Valley

This is a lovely book that encompasses the spirit of the fight against oppression around 1955. In this book, Sarah, a young black scholar who is one of the very first to attend integrated schools when slavery was abolished, forces her colleague to face harsh realities about racial discrimination. This is quite an inspirational read. 

My Mother, the Cheerleader by Robert Sharenow 

This is an incredible story centering on the period schools abolished segregation in schools. 13-year-old Louise discovers a huge secret about her family and so many other revelations that rocked the violent protests of New Orleans. This is a great read for any young student in High school. 

The Rock and The River by Kekla Magoon

The setting of this wonderful book is in n Chicago. It’s centered on a fourteen-year-old Sam Childs who vowed to do everything to ensure that blacks get their civil rights just like anyone else. Along the line, he ponders on his father’s non-violent methods and how effectively they will achieve their goals. This is an inspirational book for young minds. 

Fire in the Streets 

The wonderful book is a sequel to the Rock and the River and has its setting in Chicago during the aftermath of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination. Young Maxie decides to join the Black Panther group that vows to fight for black freedom, much to the dismay of her family and friends. 

There are so many Civil Rights Movement groups that inspire young minds, but the ones in this list make for a great read. If you are looking to discuss about Civil Rights Movement with your students, the above books are a great place to start from.