4 Bullying Books for Kids

Bullying is a serious case for kids, and that is a sensitive topic that most kids have had to deal with all their lives. There has been a great emphasis in recent times to educate young ones on bullying. Parents have started recommending bullying books that will teach children empathy, whether they’re being bullied or willing participants in it. 

Educationalists have recommended these books for kids to work on their emotions and propel them to be more humane. Let’s look at some very good books that are recommended for school children for bullying. 

Llama Llama and the Bully Goat by Anna Dewdney

Gilroy the Goat mocks Llama and often laughs at him and other classmates. Llama, in his defense, remembers the words of his teacher in walking away from conflict and reporting to someone else. When Llama does that, his teacher intervenes in the case, and Llama and Gilroy might get a chance to be friends. This is a good book on handling bullying. 

The Bully Blockers Clun by Teresa Bateman 

Lotty Racoon has her excitement about her new school, and the potential of meeting new friends cut shot when Giant Grizzly starts bullying her. Lotty was then forced to rally a group of bullied kids to form the Bully Blockers Club. This is an awesome book teaching kids how to stand up to their bullies. 

Marlene, Marlene, Queen of Mean by Jane Lynch

This is a rhyming tale that tells the bullying story of the mighty queen of the playground. When Marlene’s mates got fed up with her constant teasing and belittling tactics, they helped reform her mean attitude through the help of Big Freddy. This is a wonderful picture book that teaches a lot about bullying. 

The Juice Box Bully by Bob Sornson, Ph.D

This book teaches standing up for bullied mates, and it centers on Pete’s classmates always confronting him about his constant bullying of his mates. They teach him to be better and to treat others with respect. This is a wonderful piece about antibullying. 

Bullying will always be a cause for worry when school children are involved. A step in the right direction will be to educate them to be better and stop bullying.