7 Game Ideas to Help Students Burn Extra Energy throughout the Day

If you stay indoor than usual these days, you have to ensure that your kids stay active. The fact is that exercise is beneficial for their health; however, they need to burn off extra energy that is usually spent playing basketball or running around the compound. The good news is that there are several super-easy and super-fun ways for your kids to stay active. Read on to find out seven activities for your kids that get their body parts active indoor.

Freeze Dance

Play some dance music and encourage your kids to stay grooving to the songs. Afterward, stop the music randomly and let your kids freeze in position. This activity is suitable for both their listening skills and their bodies!

Bubbles Popping Challenge

Blow bubbles and challenge your kids to pop all the bubbles before they fizzle out of the air. This activity will make them jump, pop, and dive for hours.

Crab Walking

Teach your kids the crab walking style and let them stay with their bellies facing up. After, host several crab races to see the kid that will cross the finish line before others.

Hallway Maze

Use painter’s tape or crepe paper to set up a laser maze in a hallway: Note that your kids must contort, crawl, and climb to get to the prize on the other end without setting off the alarm and touching the laser.

Hula Hoop Contest

If you have a spacious environment, go for a hula hoop contest. With this, you will know the kid that will go the longest and attain the bonus points for additional tricks like jumping

Don’t Let the Balloon Touch the Ground 

This activity entails blowing up the balloons and at the same time throw them in the air while certain people work to ensure that they are kept afloat.

Avoid the Obstacles

Use masking tape, pieces of paper, or cushions to set up an obstacle course from the first point to the final. Your kids have to hop across the course without falling over the obstacles!

There you have it! Above are some interesting game ideas to help students burn extra energy throughout the day. Organizing various activities can help keep your kids active during their leisure time. Ensure that you opt for the game idea that interests them.

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