Five Teacher Survival Kit Essentials

An experienced teacher has to prepare for all sorts of events in the classroom. Early preparation will enable them to deal with a minor inconvenience or outright chaos. The good news is that several inexpensive items can assist teachers in passing through these challenges with ease. Read on to find out the items that are needed for the survival of teachers.

Power Strips and Extension Cords

The unfortunate thing is that many classrooms are not designed with electrical outlets; thus, the teacher has to provide an alternative to accommodate every electronic gadget needed throughout the lesson period. The alternatives are power strips or extension cords which enable you to plug the gadgets at once. However, ensure that you seek approval from the management before using these appliances in the classroom.

Medical Supplies

A teacher will be subjected to chatty students, PA announcements, and high-pitched cheers at a regular interval, resulting in headaches and other mild health issues. Therefore, a teacher should have drugs in possession to deal decisively with these health issues; also, note that you are only permitted to offer these drugs to fellow teachers and must not give them out to students.

Adhesive Tape

The reason for this item is for quick repair as you can fix everything from lunch bags and backpacks to hems and heels. For instance, clear packaging tapes are utilized for patching textbook covers, mobile phone screens, and VHS tapes.

Set of Spare Clothes

Whenever something like a nosebleed, coffee spill, or pen explosion happens, the teacher must have a spare outfit to keep them in good shape. Also, you may decide to have a fleece or sweater to wear due to the cold. In a similar vein, add a lightweight t-shirt to the clothing materials as it will be helpful for hot weather conditions.


As a teacher, you need to have the energy to work assiduously. Ensure that you opt for healthier snacks, including peanut butter, dry cereal, power bars, or nuts. Also, you can store tea or coffee. The important thing is that you should store these items in airtight containers.

There you have it! Above are five teacher survival kit essentials. As a class teacher, it is important that you’re prepared for classroom emergencies. Ensure that you have these essential kits in your possession to have a fantastic time in school. You must be consistent and stable health-wise to do this.