Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Elementary Aged Kids

There are no limits to the kind of games that your kids can play. It never gets old from hide and seek to play tango and other varieties as long as your kids are engaged and busy. This is why you should consider engaging your kids in scavenger hunt games. 

Scavenger hunt games are games that you can easily set up for your kids. It doesn’t require any special equipment, and it’s entirely safe for any kid. Your backyard can even be the perfect place for them to play. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

Stay at Home Scavenger Hunt 

Staying at home all day may give your kids naughty ideas that may upset you. You can instead engage them in a scavenger hunt where they search for stuff. You can indicate clues that will lead them to the right spots. 

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt 

This can engage the ability of your kids to recognize words without using clues. You have to hide the letters around the house for them to hunt and acknowledge. 

Secret Code Scavenger Hunt 

In this type of hunt, the kids can search for missing clues that you can put together to unravel a message. This is much better when kids do it as a group. 

Art Scavenger Hunt 

This can be very effective for kids who have drawing talents, and it’s an excellent outdoor scavenger hunt. This also gives kids the opportunity to try their hands at some creative drawing. 

Alphabet Bug Scavenger Hunt 

This is an alphabet bug hunt that allows kids to work on their alphabet learning ability. They can learn the difference between lower and upper case letters as they play the game. 

Color Scavenger Hunt 

Toddlers will benefit more from this game because it aids them in learning about colors. It also enables kids to discover different variations and hues around them. 

Five Senses Scavenger Hunt 

This hunt is all about seeing, hearing, smelling, and even feeling nature by the kids. It’s an outdoor scavenger hunt that will raise their curiosity about nature. Clues will include whistling with glass, watching clouds, and others. 

There you have it! Above are some interesting scavenger hunt ideas for elementary aged kids. Games are suitable for children, especially those as good as the scavenger hunt. This will be good for their mental development.