Space Activities for Kids at School 

There is no denying that young minds are used to engaging in space activities because a good number of them are intrigued with the idea of going to space. As educators, we may have to cue into their minds and make such a feature a reality.

This is why we will be examining some space activities that can intrigue kids in school and how they can engage in them. A quick trip to space will be a memory that most kids will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Do-it-Yourself Astronaut Attire 

This engages these kids in skill sets that will bring out their passion for going to space. A DIY outfit with different colors will be a very good place to start. Shimmering colors are quite popular with kids. 

Space Suncatcher 

It may sound funny, but kids are intrigued most about the sun than any other feature of the galaxy. Therefore, starting with a suncatcher can engage and thrill them at the same time. You can add this to the activities they would have to perform during the day. 

Make a Solar System Model 

You can engage kids in creating a model of the solar system with different planets and stars. Materials to make this happen are available in the market and will brighten up any kid’s day. There are also many options that they can use to achieve this. 

Make Edible Moon Cycle Cookies 

You can engage kids in making cookies that look like the different cycles of the moon. This keeps their mind engaged in learning about the solar system and enables them to do what they like doing best: eating delicious cookies. 

Mark Constellations on Geoboards 

You can teach the kids to create constellations of the stars they view on geoboards. This induces creativity at the highest level and allows them to learn naturally at their own pace. 

Create an Astronaut Training Center 

You can engage them in creating a space where they can learn all about space and become future astronauts. There are a few ideas on how you can make the environment lively and interesting.

There you have it! Above are some positive space activities for kids at school. Engaging in space activities can be thrilling and exciting for school kids. If you are looking for some space activities for your students, the above are excellent ideas to get started.