Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for School Children

Valentine’s Day is a special day for all. While it is called Lover’s Day in many places, and most people focus on the romantic aspect of the narrative, the day is a special day to learn about true love. There is nothing wrong with letting kids take part in some activities to commemorate the day. In fact, Valentine’s Day presents teachable opportunities for educators.

Children love crafts, and there are many ways to engage them on Valentine’s Day. Here are some cute craft ideas you should consider:

DIY Heart Hand Warmers

You just need the right size of hand warmers and a red fabric cut into the heart shape of love. Stich the fabrics to the hand warmers, and you are done.

Eazy Puzzle Valentine

This can be a fun game for everyone in your class. All you need to do is cut out some love shaped colored paper. Write something nice on them and cut them into sizeable bits. Ask your students to solve the puzzle by putting them together.

Felt Valentine Fortune Cookies

This is another simple craft that requires just felt, fabric, ribbon, floral wire, wire cutters, and craft glue.

Fuzzy Love Bug Friends

This is a simple activity that most young kids will enjoy. It is as simple as gluing a pom-pom to a foam heart base. They can also add some googly eyes to make them more fun.

Glitter Hand Print Craft

This is a simple sticky, sparkly project that most kids will love to be part of. You just have to provide large construction paper, pencil, glue, glitter, and scissors for them.

Love Birds

Love birds are easy to make, and you can ask your little students to take them home and use them as part of their house decoration for Valentine’s Day.

Origami Heart

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to introduce origami to your kids. They may need a lot of guidance to get it right, but the effort will be well worth it.

Painted Newspaper Heart Postcards

A bright and colorful craft, you only need to provide your students with newspaper, watercolors, paintbrushes, postcards, scissors, and rubber cement. Give instructions and demonstrate.

String Heart Yarn Cards

A good way to introduce schoolchildren to sewing, demonstrate and help your kids as they try to sew the yarn into their cards in the shape of a heart.

Spend Valentine’s Day with your student as you get them engaged with any of the above activities. A fantastic experience awaits you.